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Learn more about Bulgaria
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Sportpalace hotel

City: Golden Sands
Hotel type: sport hotels

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Location: Golden Sands resort, 18 km from Varna (25 km from the airport), the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The complex is 200 meters away from the beach.

Climate: The climate is influenced entirely by the Black Sea - the summer is warm with lots of sunshine and no precipitation. The spring is cool, the autumn - long and warm, due to the slower cooling of the sea water. The Winter is characterized with unstable snow cover, which usually lasts about 2 to 4 weeks, but during the season there are sometimes strong winds. Average winter temperatures are between -2 ° to 5 ° C. Humidity - average monthly humidity in the area does not fall below 70%, in the winter months it is higher, but rarely exceed 80%.
Elevation: 58 to 60 meters.


Swimming pool:
It has 5 corridors, each with a length of 25 m and a width of 2.5 meters, a depth of 2.00 m to 2.50 Air Condition system, upper spillways, locker rooms and showers. The indoor swimming pool has a grandstand with a total of 231 seats. The pool building is functionally connected to the hotel via walkway part. Swimming, synchronized swimming, water polo;
The swimming pool complies International Swimming Federation for the 25 m pools.

Outdoor, Size: 105-68 playing field/113-78 outer dimensions, grass;
lightings for evening events; tribunes - to be built;
- Football, handball, hockey, football with small doors;

Running track: 4 tracks; Tartan; Inner corridor length - 400 m, 4th corridor - 130 m;

Hall 1: Dimensions: 30m./18m/7-m height, air conditioning, ventilation, changing rooms with showers, bathrooms, lockers, ;

Hall 2: Dimensions: 30m.dalzhina/18m. shirochina/9m- height, air conditioners, ventilation;
Changing rooms with showers, bathrooms, lockers, 2; A-surface equipment, sports equipment, Coaching Room 2;
Hall 3: Dimensions: 42m./24 / 13 m-high, Air Ventilation system;
Changing rooms with showers, toilets, lockers - 2, A-surface equipment, sports equipment. Suitable for all sports and multi-training and preparation in the hall, : volleyball, gymnastics, basketball, handball;

Tennis Court Nr.1 - Dimensions: 23.75 / 10.90 m - playground, outdoor 31.75 / 38.50 Surface: Agri nitrile polymer, tribunes: Forthcoming;

Tennis court Nr.2,3,4 - Red Dimensions: 23.75 / 10.90 - playing field Surface: geopolymer;

Pool outdoor: Size: from 130 to 97 cm, 90 to 75 and 75 to 55 cm

Located in the northeastern part of the complex. Built on two levels. The water from the upper level flows into the lower, thus creating the effect of an "endless" pool, oriented towards the unique view of the sea.


Trail crosses: follows the natural landshtaft, length - 737m., width - 1.5 m.


Additional amenities:
Medical service: 2 consulting rooms, sauna, gym, massage tables - 2;


Distance to the beach: 0.20 км

Distance to the city center: 16 км

Distance to the center of the resort: 3 км

Distance to the Varna airport: 25 км


Bookings and Prices

Per person in double room € 45,00
Single room € 56,00
Per person in apartment € 70,00

The prices include:

- Full board - breakfast, lunch, dinner;

- Use of sport fields / 2 workouts - up to 3 hours per day /;

- Mineral water 1,5 l per person per day for training;

- Washing of sports equipment - 1,5 kg. per day per person;

- Supplement sauna 25 € / hour for a team;

- Transfer airport-hotel - Airport Varna 15.00 € / person;

- The price includes VAT, insurance and tax.

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